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Askymous, the new dynamic community app!


Test now! Ask your questions and wait for the answers from the community – free and anonymous.

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Today live without a smartphone is unthinkable and most of the time any kind of information needs to be present ‘as soon as possible’. An extensive search on the internet and in communities costs time.

Don’t search for answer, just wait for it.

Daily each person is confronted with countless questions …

… You are on a city trip and want some insider information?
… How can I stream my phone screen to a TV?
… You have a question about medicine or you need different opinions before visiting a doctor?
… You are having a sudden incidence in your live and things are changing, you need feedback from a community?

Askymous is the new community app for your iOS and Android smartphone. Ask question simple and fast to all user, anonymous at any time. Askymous is free of use, no advertisement or In-App purchasing and no social media plugins. Your personal data such as email, gender and date of birth is totally anonymous.

Become part of the community and download the app now for free in your Appstore! All you need is a valid mail address.


Answer questions by random or swipe them away. Alternative choose your favorite category!

Choose the category and language and raise your question to the community!

In ‘My answers’ you will find all answers you have written. Add further comments in the chat if you want to!

In ‘My questions’ you will find all questions you have raised. Add further comments in the chat if you want to!

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    Answer questions

    Intuitive and easy:
    You want to answer a question? Then just swipe the question card to the right!
    You do not want to answer a question? Then just swipe the question card to the left to get the next question!

    Questions will be displayed in random category and order if you haven’t choosen a category by the filter. If you do not want to answer a question and swipe it away, the same question will not be displayed to you unless there are no more questions left.
    You like to answer questions in German? Just choose this option within the settings.

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    Ask questions

    To ask a questions it is important the choose first a category that fits the most to your request to have a better feedback from the community. You will receive a push message, if there are new answers from users. You can write further comments to your question and be part of the chat. A question is running 100 days. After that time the question remains in archived questions and answers.

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    Active and archived questions and answers

    Your question is listed within “My questions” as “Active questions” during the remaining time. Questions that are no longer active will be saved under “Archived questions”. The amount of active and archived questions is limited to 100 items each. It is the same feature for ‘My answers’: Written answers and comments are listed here.

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    Just visiting?

    No problem! You are able to have a look on the app without registering to it. If you want to ask questions and join the community, just fill the register form and start asking and answering, anonymous and free.

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    Why to register?

    The use of Askymous is anonymous at any time. None of the personal data in the form will be used in the app.
    Your Email and password are required to use Askymous. Also your gender and date of birth is good for us as we run anonymous reports and want to setup new features in further releases with these optional information.

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    How is the avatar and status changing?

    Your status and Avatar will be changed automatically by using the app within the last 30 days:
    Newcomer = up to 30 questions AND 30 answers
    Advanced Beginner= 31-60 questions AND 31-60 answers

    Which avatar is coming next? Find out and become an oracle!

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    Send problem

    The function ‘Send problem’ is helpful if a question or answer is not conform to the terms of use or if it bothers other user. Such cases will be reviewed by Askymous immediately. To report a comment, just hold the relevant speech bubble and press the button ‘Send problem’.





You have a request? Our Askymous Team will get in touch as soon as possible.
For all other issues just raise your question using the app, have fun!